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10 years 2 months ago #452 by gardenho
Are there a lot of changes from the items that can be configured on the 'product listing' config page because I am missing about half of those listed in the online documention regarding product listing.

I see a lot of differences between what I find in the forum and/or documentation/screenshots and what is in my admin settings & db, I am concerned I removed things in MShop without realizing when I imported my old oscommerce db info into it. I had a shop that was 7 years in Oscommerce and heavily modded.

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10 years 2 months ago #454 by Support Team
The product listing is indeed different. But you can get this back if you want.

find /components/com_oscommerce/includes/modules/product_listing_multi_col.php That's the file we use now.

Now you see product_listing.php and product_listing_multi_col_basic.php
rename to product_listing_multi_col.php and you will see the difference in front.

Because we use an ajax product listing file now. The product-listing options in the back don't work, for the file we use. The other two should work fine.
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