Marvikshop 3.1 Now online

checkout_confirm_bulletChanges in MarvikShop ( admin)

Marvikshop 3.1 beats Joomla 3.3.6. Beneath there are some major points we changed on the program. If you got some questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. Then we can program your tips/questions/bugfixes in the next release.

  • No database changes
  • Upgrade manual MarvikShop 2.5 with Joomla 2.5 to MarvikShop 3 with joomla 3
  • an error in your SQL syntax;when searching for products in the back. comma was missing. categories.php
  • http image option added in categories.php
  • 1054 - Unknown column 'id' in 'field list' changed in categories.php
  • Remove some requirement of customers details in  the back, because of Joomla registration
  • layoutcorrection in the invoice and packingslip file.
  • Number of Accounts created was missing database added $numrecords;
  • call “mysql_num_rows” to “tep_db_num_rows” in the following places:
  • wrong language link in the front-database module.
  • Mshop profile update. Require/optional did not work anymore because of joomla 3.3
  • Right order status for freeofcharge payment module
  • Bugfix quantity break save did not saved the right price in database
  • Customer sort working now, with new layout

emoChanges in MarvikShop(front)

  • (frontpage)+ missing images administrator/components/com_oscommerce_personal/images/icon_nonexist.png
  • language_verify.php changed
  • Dutch language text missing login.php
  • menu.php language file missing for product_listing advance activated in header.php
  • facebox overlay product_listing advanced added z-index 100
  • mshop_pl_src http image added
  • button change dutch verlanglijst to wenslijst
  • change function cssButton // html-output
  • Missing define image sold out
  • http image option added in also_purchased_products.php
  • $products_price2 removed in product_info.php
  • Right download links in the order history
  • Solved wrong returnlink in SEF mode when doing a payment with the paypal-module

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