MarvikShop 2.1: learn more about addons

emoBetter registration integration in MarvikShop

How many times have you built a site, and your client asked you for some additional information about users who register for the site? They wanted to collect their mailing address, date of birth, a favorite book or even they just wanted them to accept the terms of service. Unfortunately, in Joomla 1.5, you would have had to install a complex extension like Community Builder to achieve this functionality. Now, however, it's built into Joomla 1.7

We added 2 plugins and better performance in MarvikShop 2.1.
The first one is a new profile plugin. The second one will be needed to synchronizes your Joomla 1.6/1.7 profile with the MarvikShop adresbook, customers, customers points add-ons etc.

emoNew items in MarvikShop ( admin)

The major thing was to make MarvikShop compatible with Joomla 1.7, but we also added some new features:

    • Added add-on: affiliate invoice view
    • Added 2 columns ( sku and image) to the add-on: products_expected
    • Added Vendor pulldownmenu
    • add-on: Suppliersmanager added
    • Complete new add-on: product_list added

emoNew items in MarvikShop (frontpage)

  • Delete breadcrumb-link in footer.
  • Show product popup in the middle of your internetbrower
  • complete restyled add-on: wishlist.
  • HTML add-on: for wishlist mailing, complete with model,quantity and image!
  • New add-on: Inventory Editor for the frontsite

emoMarvikShop Add-ons needed? Whatever you like...

The basic of MarvikShop is Oscommerce. This mean you have tons of add-ons to install! With some little modification you can run these Oscommerce add-ons on your MarvikShop website. You can see all the MarvikShop add-ons over here. If you got some request for future MarvikShop version, please let us know.

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