Integration of osCommerce Webshop with BrickLink Using BrickLink API

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I am excited to announce the successful synchronization of my osCommerce webshop with BrickLink, achieved through the efficient use of the BrickLink API and two specialized task plugins in Joomla.Overview of the IntegrationThe integration process relies on two crucial Joomla task plugins that streamline inventory management between BrickLink and osCommerce.
  1. Inventory Upload Plugin: The first task plugin is responsible for uploading the inventory from BrickLink into a dedicated database table. This table serves as an intermediary storage point, allowing for effective processing and management of the inventory data.
  2. Synchronization Plugin: The second task plugin plays a vital role in synchronizing the inventory data stored in the database table with the osCommerce tables used by Marvikshop. This plugin ensures that any changes in the BrickLink inventory are accurately reflected in the osCommerce system, keeping stock levels consistent and up-to-date.
Seamless Synchronization ProcessThe synchronization process is designed to be smooth and efficient. Inventory data from BrickLink is first uploaded to the database table via the Inventory Upload Plugin. The Synchronization Plugin then compares this data with the existing inventory in the osCommerce tables, logging any discrepancies and updating the inventory accordingly. These logs are displayed in Marvikshop, providing real-time insights into the synchronization process.Order ManagementWhen an order is placed on Marvikshop, the process is reversed. The items ordered are automatically deducted from the BrickLink inventory using the BrickLink API. This ensures that inventory remains accurate across both platforms, preventing overselling.Logging and Display of ComparisonsThe detailed logging feature of the Synchronization Plugin provides valuable transparency. It records every comparison between the database table and the osCommerce tables, highlighting any discrepancies. These logs are then displayed in Marvikshop, allowing for efficient monitoring and management of inventory synchronization.ConclusionThe successful integration of my osCommerce webshop with BrickLink, facilitated by the BrickLink API and Joomla task plugins, marks a significant improvement in operational efficiency and inventory management.

I am currently still testing, with more updates to come later this year. If there are more people with this idea, I would love to hear from them. Other API connectors could also be implemented in Marvikshop in a similar way.


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