Super Download Store v2.3.x

13 years 5 months ago #173 by Support Team
This contribution is for Marvikshop 1.0

This contribution is based on Super Download Shop for version 2.2 RC2a ( )
Super Download Shop contribution is an enhancement of the osCommerce download module and download file management, including following features:

* Secure download for pending orders based on DownLoads Controller v5.3 by Linda McGrath which was the best solution to secure downloads. Without similar control, customers could get their downloads before they actually pay.

* Group files download per product which enable download shops to offer multiple files in a single product. With this ability, shop owners can:

- Break a large download file into a group of files, to prevent problems like insufficient resource, time out errors...etc.
- Bundle multiple downloads in one package to increase sells.

* Store download files in sub folders under the download directory to improve the file management.

* Built-in superior file management interface in admin panel.

Changes include:

* File changes to work with the 960 Grid System
* Creation of an Order Status SQL to set the orders status automatically
* Rewrite of the installation file
* Addition of Manual Installation Instructions


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