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Now in your Admin, under configuration/email options, you need to set Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails to true

3. Customising the files

This section explains how to customise the design of the emails

How to.... Action
change the logo on the email Change define('STORE_LOGO', 'oscommerce.gif') in /includes/languages/checkout_process.php or /includes/languages/create_account.php

change the text of the email if the text can be changed it is found in either /includes/languages/checkout_process.php or /includes/languages/create_account.php.

If the text you are looking for is not there then it comes from the database.
change style of the email Font family, size, colour and background is defined in stylesheetmail.css

Table header background is defined in /includes/languages/english/create_account.php or /includes/languages/english/checkout_process.php
Other table properties (width, etc.) are defined in /includes/modules/email/html_checkout_process.php or /includes/modules/email/html_create_account.php
change the contribution to work with other languages Follow all instruction in section 1 but repeat steps 3 and 4 for any other languages you want to use.

You can have a look at the above files to see what else can be modified but it is highly recommended not to change anything in the create_account.php
and checkout_process.php in the catalog folder.

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