MarvikShop 2.0 for Joomla 1.6/1.7

12 Jahre 9 Monate her #341 von Sandra
We are proud to present MarvikShop 2.0:

Here are the main updates:


+ New registration plugin
+ Delete users at once trough joomla only. Instead of Joomla and MarvikShop.
+ Forgot your password?, Forgot your username?, Create an account all through the core of Jooma 1.6/1.7
+ New user profile plugin for MarvikShop <-> Joomla 1.7

Admin Site

+ submenu for component
+ Language update Dutch
* Bugfix language product types not showing in orders/edit orders screen.
+ Edit product type from an order in the administrator site if needed
+ Possibility to edit manufacturer_name2 and manufactur_name3 from an order
* Right link to button_new_order_email.gif in edit order view.
+ extra layoutoptions in stylesheet.ccs
* change class name for TEXT_SPECIALS_GROUPS in specials.php
* Buxfix it's now possible to delete customer from table, button was missing

Front Site

* layout fix for checkout proces template files.
* bugfix for checkout_confirmation manufacturer show wrong info
* bugfix in checkou succes file manufacturer show wrong info
+ extra info in the account history info (Product type, weight, manufacturer)
+ Change the customer information trough the joomla system.
* bugfix could not delete any adress in the personal addressbook
+ Edit your users account trough the joomla interface
+ Customer Update Cart Reminder
+ Adding Wishlist To Account Page
+ added info shopping cart for more information about the shoppingcart

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