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Marvikshop 1.1 wurde erstellt von Support Team
We are now a month busy with completing MarvikShop 1.1. We tried to install several new contributions. :P

For now we got installed:
Extra Product Fields version 3.0:
- Extra Product Fields has been updated to allow a new permanent Product Type field to select which extra fields are available for entry during product editing. Types can have nested sub-types and extra fields can be restricted to any or all product types and will automatically be available for any sub-type for the types to which they are available.

- New configuration variables control how (or if) the Product Type is displayed in the catalog and whether it can be directly searched (it will appear in the new Advanced Quick Search box if it can) or used to filter the product listing.

- The extra field listing filter code has been rewritten to be intelligent so that, just as with the existing osCommerce Category/Manufacturer filter, the filters will only display if more than one value for the filtering field exists in the product listing being browsed and only the values that are used in that listing will be shown in the drop down menu.

Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings:

- Added Support for SaleMaker ( )
- Added option to show a checkbox field in place of other quantity boxes.
- Fixed query bug in specials.php module.
- Modified Manufacturers Description query to avoid possible issues.
- Added Grid mode heading (not sure how many will want it though?)
- Added admin setting for max product age.
- Added Add-On Pages package provided by Ronnie (ronrrico) Thanks for the effort.
- Package adds Best Sellers, Featured products, Coming Soon and Bundled products pages.

jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart:

- Fly to Cart product image to cart on product page
- Ajax Add/Remove buttons in cart
- Ajax Delete button in cart
- Ajax Remove button in shopping_cart infobox
- Dynamically refresh of shopping_cart infobox
- Multilanguage support

Mini images in the product listing on the admin page categories.php:
- New modification to adds a scaled down version of your product image to the product list in admin/categories.php. This makes your products easier to locate if you have a lot of them.

Product Inventory Editor v1.0:
- This mod adds an item to the catalog menu of the admin panel. It consists of an interface that works with your "products" and "products_description" tables. It provides a listing of part number and product name for all items in the database, and has an editable field (containing the current value) both for that product's weight and its inventory level. This way, weights and stock levels can be updated much more quickly than with Easy Populate. Additionally, there is a search box into which a substring can be entered in order to narrow down the listing of products on the page. I had this mod done to my site in order to allow me to quickly update inventory levels when I receive product, and it has proven to be most helpful.
- We also make this working with an extra module on the frontoffice of the MarvikShop. To give people the opportunity to help you, to make your database up to date.

We try to put the new version online at the end of April. If you find some bugs please let us know. So we can fixed them and make this shop to a succes. Translations are also welcome.


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